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  • #MathematicalWorldModels or #PhysicalWorldViews – is that the Question?
    I get the impression that numbers are perceived to be ‘technical’ – presumably because of their usefulness for calculations. That’s what women tend not to like. Men, however, are desperately trying to build world views from physics, for that’s been the dominant science for describing largest cosmic phenomena and smallest nuclear events. That’s why I … Continue reading
  • Work in Constant Progress
    It’s embarrassing: WordPress doesn’t ‘apologise’ for a page set to ‘private’ because it’s not finished… It can appear in the Menu but doesn’t upon click… Most ironically, my challenge is numbering: of patterns as icons and as spreadsheets of pattern collections as ‘containers‘ of series of patterns as variations of parameters of MetaCollections as conveyers … Continue reading
  • LAUNCH is a Daring Button for #PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns
    I keep having to change and renumber and switch brain between #AmazingPatterns in ‘beautiful pictures’ and #VisualClarity in ‘meaningful spreadsheets’. As ‘icons’, pictures are #DigitalAssets which means Non-Fungible Tokens [NFTs] – the only way of copyrighting digital art and swimming against the mainstream of institutionalised thinking. Patenting is ‘out of date’. But I have to … Continue reading

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