#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

#ProveMeWrong #Smart3D brings Perspective to Excel Chart Styles

Tweets have grown from 140 to 280 characters. Power points seem have been replaced by #hashtags. The Powerpoint rule 10/20/30 has been complemented by 20/20/20. Numbers have this uncanny quality of giving us a sense of security. But what we’re really seeking are differences: indicators of change. We get that from numbers, because they can be compared.

24 Layers of modulated sine waves
My “Visual Data Intelligence” prototype for
24 Layers in more Detail and Perspective
Excel chart style
Excel’s “3-D Stacked Columns” style as visual effect rather than perspective arising from metadata inherent in the data sets

Excel shows us in a variety of chart styles that numbers can be represented in many different ways. Is the comparability optimal? Visually and numerically?

What do I bring to the party? I just put #ProveMeWrong “Smart 3D” brings Perspective to Excel Chart Styles on one of my blogs where I used to focus on measuring. I realised only recently that the fundamentals of my visualisation style could also be used as a “chart style”.

Excel has been my toolbox for the colour patterns of Digital Numbers in general and prime numbers in particular. Now there is the chance for bright developer minds to open their eyes and see what is BEFORE their eyes, ON the screen and put that feedback into code BEHIND the screen, before their MENTAL eyes. Who has the imagination necessary to grasp my novel concepts?





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