2. “Digital RATIOS”

These emerged when exploring “Digital SUMS” [n x 10 + m] with their orthogonal, diagonal and ortho-diagonal symmetries, as shown below. 1 : 1 is the classical ratio for 450 diagonal symmetry as in the third picture. The last four, … Continue reading

What is Creative?

1. Mathematical Innovations (Theory) 2. Digital Implications (Practice) 3. Smart Visualisations (Technology) In summary, the appearance of Prime Numbers in many numerical contexts is a demonstration of:- NEXT: Prime Patterns for Prime Numbers

Pattern Collections

To be watched as Carousels by clicking on the first picture of each collection. However, with a view to appreciating / grasping and understanding what you see, it may be best to open another browser and look at the “Titles … Continue reading


In a nutshell, this site is about the Pattern Collections as a ‘spine’ for over 60 pages that don’t tell a story but paint a big picture:- Explanations emerge to the long sought after solution to the Prime Number Puzzle … Continue reading

Titles of Collections

As a Table of Contents or “Catalogue of Concepts“ – possibly best viewed in a second browser window – to accompany the Pattern Collections: I. “DIGITAL PYRAMIDS” Pyramids of Decimal and “Digital” Numbers The ‘big ideas’ of “Digital Numbers” and … Continue reading