In a nutshell, this site is about the Pattern Collections as a ‘spine’ for over 60 pages that don’t tell a story but paint a big picture:-

Explanations emerge to the long sought after solution to the Prime Number Puzzle – not as a single number but new mathematical concepts. That’s what I heard The Simpsons say by chance…

At times, it may feel like Math for Children or Maths with Mums. But the site builder Sabine Kurjo McNeill is a ‘Digital Veteran’: I studied maths and computing from 1964 to 1966 in Darmstadt, then West Germany and became a software diagnostician at CERN in Geneva, an event organiser and software designer in London and eventually a ‘Mathematical Artist’.

These are my ‘tools of the trade’: creating spreadsheets and turning them into images.

My mum saved me from UK bombs that turned Dresden into fire 77 years ago. She was 22 and I was 5 months old… Hence I called my first of 71 WordPress blogs From the Peace and Money to the Climate and other Bombs. This is my #Lebensaufgabe or purpose of life. That’s what she saved me for! That’s the answer to my question as a teenager: what is the purpose of my life?

May PrimeNumbers.store become a Peace Bomb par excellence! For in theory it should enlighten physicists and mathematicians into uniting via software. But that requires ‘enlightened developers’. Anybody ready to #WriteDigitalNumberCode?

I guess it’ll be up to children learning this new understanding more than adults changing their beliefs / convictions?…

And may you at least be amazed by the beauty of patterns, if not inspired to take their revelations further! Do let me know how: sabine.kurjo.mcneill@protonmail.com


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