#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

1. “DIGITAL Sums”

In analogy to “HexaDecimal” [6 & 10], the most accurate descriptor of applying ‘digital logic’ to the decimal number system would be “DigitoDecimal” [digit & 10].

However, I am aware of the complexity and novelty of concepts I am introducing with new terms. So let’s stick to “Digital Sums” to describe the sums of a decimal product and a decimal digit.

The arithmetic of “Digital Composition” has lead to interesting VISUAL patterns of prime numbers:

  • outside [parallel to the outer digonals]

and inside the “Pyramid of Decimal Counting”:

Prime Numbers along Four Parallel Diagonals


But VISUAL patterns are the result of NUMERICAL repetitions or similarities.

NUMERICALLY, “Digital Sums” reveal steps of:

  • ±10 vertically
  • ±1 horizontally
  • ±11 diagonally
  • and a remarkable preponderance of Prime Numbers:
“Diagonal Prime Numbers” – here we are – you may call us ‘art’ rather than ‘science’ but do #ProveUsWrong!nd

NEXT: “2. Digital RATIOS”


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