“When Numbers form Patterns” in “The Fascinating world of #PrimeNumbers”

A very attentive and modest writer who wanted to introduce me as a person who’s lived an interesting life and chose the small town of Rathenow – West of Berlin in former East Germany – as her residence. The paper is Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung. Here is the link to the article. The translation covers the…

#ProveMeWrong #Smart3D brings Perspective to Excel Chart Styles

Tweets have grown from 140 to 280 characters. Power points seem have been replaced by #hashtags. The Powerpoint rule 10/20/30 has been complemented by 20/20/20. Numbers have this uncanny quality of giving us a sense of security. But what we’re really seeking are differences: indicators of change. We get that from numbers, because they can…

#MathematicalWorldModels or #PhysicalWorldViews – is that the Question?

I get the impression that numbers are perceived to be ‘technical’ – presumably because of their usefulness for calculations. That’s what women tend not to like. Men, however, are desperately trying to build world views from physics, for that’s been the dominant science for describing largest cosmic phenomena and smallest nuclear events. That’s why I…

Work in Constant Progress

It’s embarrassing: WordPress doesn’t ‘apologise’ for a page set to ‘private’ because it’s not finished… It can appear in the Menu but doesn’t upon click… Most ironically, my challenge is numbering: of patterns as icons and as spreadsheetsof pattern collections as ‘containers’ of series of patterns as variations of parameters of MetaCollections as conveyers of…


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Hi, I’m Sabine. As a ‘Digital Veteran’, I have now become a ‘mathematical artist’ and spend most of my time trying to be as clear as possible in the most complex of all domains: science as description and quantification of Nature & Cosmos!

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