#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

I. “DIGITAL PYRAMIDS”: Collections 1 – 5

Here are the first 42 patterns of the first five collections. By complementing the conventional Number Line they are eye openers to a new NumberWorld or “Digital NumberLand”. These ‘icons’ were created to be protected as ‘digital assets’ by NFTs on Open Sea.

1. Decimal and “Digital” Numbers

To be watched as Carousels by clicking on the first picture of each collection. However, with a view to appreciating / grasping and understanding what you see, it may be best to open another browser and look at the “Titles of Collections” in parallel. As a “Catalogue of Concepts”, they act like ‘power points’ and feed your mind rather than your eyes...

2. “Last Digit Series”

3. “Single Last Digit Patterns”

4. “Composite Last Digit Patterns”

5. “Digital Prime Diagonals”



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