#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

“DIGITAL Visualisations”

Since images say more than 1,000 words, numbers have been visualised for ages, e.g. Pythagoras created this pyramid, called ‘tetractys‘, Greek for ‘triangle of 10 points’:

See PythagorasTetractys in Wikipedia

Pythagoras did not know 0 yet. My Decimal Pyramids begin with 0 and thus lend themselves to many discoveries, especially when we recognise the relevance of the Last Digit in determining prime or non-prime:

  • Digital Numbers” separate Leading from Last Digits as principal concept;
  • Last Digit Series” appear in Pyramids of Decimal Numbers;
  • Single Last Digit Patterns” illustrate the individual uniqueness of the Last Digits of odd numbers: 1 3 5 7 9;
  • Composite Last Digit Patterns” show visual or geo-metric relationships between NUMBERS by considering just their LAST DIGITS;
  • Digital Prime Diagonals” could also be called “Diagonal Digital Primes”, as we need to ask ourselves:-
    • what is more important – the geometric appearance of diagonals
    • or a pattern that Prime Numbers form on parallel diagonals?

All we can definitely say is: ‘geometric cell positioning’ shows that there is more to Prime Numbers than the question: sum or product?

NEXT: 1. Decimal Pyramids


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