#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

3. Digital Tables for “Series of SEMIPrimes”

The Digital Tables for Primes consist of:-

  • spaces for Primes with Last Digit 1 3 7 9
  • spaces for SemiPrimes ending with 1 3 7 9
  • gaps in diagonally staggered positions – in a pattern that repeats every 30 numbers.

While the sequence of Primes as Sums does not seem to reveal any pattern, SemiPrimes as Products of primes as co-factors reveal the consistency and uniqueness that is expected by the fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

Just Prime Numbers as Leading Digits x 10 + Last Digit

Here’s the Matrix of Vertical Primes x Horizontal Primes:

Vertical Primes x Horizontal Primes = Matrix of SemiPrimes

Collection 9 on The Factorisation of SemiPrimes shows this gallery:

NEXT: SemiPrimes = Products of Primes


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