“DIAGONAL Sums” – the Geometric Characteristic

Conventionally, sums are visualised along a Number Line.
By creating new visualisation concepts, additions as operations and sums as results acquire new ‘visual qualities’:

  • adding two summands in a “functional matrix” creates an n x n square or an n x m rectangle
  • sums as single results create cell constellations or patterns within that ‘geometric context’.

Geometrically, sums appear in diagonal positions of cells in a spreadsheet.
Arithmetically, Odd and Even SUMMANDS result in Odd and Even SUMS.

Yet the diagonal nature of “Digital Visualisation” remains – no matter whether the contributing summands or the resulting sums are odd or even.

Collection 6: “Diagonal Sums” of Odd and Even Summands
Primes as “Diagonal Sums”

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