#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

5. “Symmetrical Number PLANES”

These screenshots allow for discovering numerical and digital symmetries that match physical ones:

  • diagonal vs orthogonal [vertical or horizontal];
    • Top Left to Bottom Right Diagonal vs Top Right to Bottom Left Diagonal;
  • top vs down
    • this may also refer to above vs below or up vs down;
    • in terms of co-ordinates: + vs on the y-axis
  • right vs left
    • critically meaning + vs
    • in terms of co-ordinates: the x-axis.

The multiplications of Prime1 in Column 1 x Prime2 in Row 1 are “diagonally symmetrical”, i.e. the 450 Diagonal mirrors the numerical results of the arithmetic operation.

NEXT: 1. “Digital Sums”


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