#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

4. Primes as “DIMENSIONAL Sums”

n2 + m = 2D Unit + 1D Unit

12 + 1 = 2

“Dimensional Sums” take into consideration the different ‘dimensional quality’ of their summands.

The formula of letters hides the ‘compounding’ of dimensionality into the value ‘1’.

With a view to taking Dimensionality into account as a ‘spatial yardstick’:

  • the operation n x n = n2 creates a 2D area.

Adding m as the length of a 1D Line, makes it possible to rise into the 3rd dimension, if the imagination permits!…

The fact that n2 + m leads to “Diagonals of Primes” was as unsuspected as all my other discoveries. After MANY spreadsheets before, here are the rather impressive ones:

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