#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

Scale Independent Modelling

Geometric constructs are proportionately scaleable, especially when Dimensionality is taken into account.

When the Number Line is complemented by “Digital Number PLANES” and “Digital Number SPACES”, we have wholly abstract “Quantification Models” to match our real worlds:

  • quantum physics of quarks and other elementary particles
  • nuclear physics of electrons, protons and neutrons
  • chemistry of elements
  • biology of cells
  • time series of data units, originating from finance or weather for example.

This represents a new ‘top down’ software design:

  1. the ‘quantum lattice’ or ‘grid’ as abstract ‘scaffolding’
  2. ‘domain dependent’ units as ‘fundamental visualisation size’
  3. the ‘metric data’ to be visualised.

Children will find it easier to discover symmetrical patterns than squeeze numbers into a line.

How easy can we make it for them to ‘think coding’, i.e.

  • start with definitions
  • show definitions on screen
  • show multiples
  • change
    • visualisation angles
    • zoom
    • input data…

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