#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

Scale-Independent Measuring

Numbers are quantifiers. They quantify (count) SI Measuring Units. These, however, rely on:-

  • physical phenomena based on electricity, magnetism and light;
  • the speed of light being measured in
  • space to be 3D – measured in 1D metres1, 2D metres2, 3D metres3;
    • my “Dimensional Digital Number” alternative is:
      • 11, 12, 13 as 3D space units or “Shapes of Magnitude in Space”
      • and geo-metric “Shapes of Movement and Motion” for quantifying time;
  • time to be the 4th dimension – measured in seconds, minutes or hours;

Can my concepts of “3D Numbers” and “3D NumberSpace” in conjunction with “3D TimeSpace” [as opposed to nD spacetime] become acceptable models for independence of scale and phenomenon?

My “Smart Knowledge” software has already been private proof of concept.

“3D TimeSpace” as the Unifying Concept of Physical Polarities:
Energy vs Matter and Space vs Time,
Conceptual Complementarities:
General vs Specific and Absolute vs Relative
and the Technological Enhancement of our Sensory Experiences:
Visible Light vs Invisible Colours.

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