#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

Mathematical Art?

Roman Opalka (1931 – 2011) turned numbers into art when he decided to paint nothing else than one number after the other. He had reached 5 607 249 when he died and the New York Times published: Roman Opalka, an Artist of Numbers, is Dead.

I call myself a ‘mathematical artist’, because I developed a whole series of new concepts that all contribute to major and profound insights into the gaps and shortcomings of the current ‘state of the art’. In fact, mathematics has been characterised by having a list of outstanding problems for decades, if not centuries.

However, I have the impression that the currently dominating masculine and left brain approach has become so institutionalised that there is no room for ‘free thinking’, even though ‘blue skying’ is supposedly encouraged. But in my observation that does not apply to academic culture which is too competitive to be creative, let alone co-creative like a band of jazz musicians.

As a woman, my access to right brain linguistic thinking may be more developed than that of many men. But it so happens that my analytical and logical mind got a good training when I studied maths and computing at the “Technical High School” in Darmstadt (then West Germany). Diagnosing software mistakes for physicists at CERN gave me lots of practice in following a program, as if I was the computer following its instructions.

In other words, I can be as logical as a computer. Until I get bored. And thus I oscillate between deeper and deeper analysis and higher and higher concepts.

The result is twofold:

  1. screenshots with titles and explanations are the scientific version of my ‘mathematical art’;
  2. images without words are the ‘iconic’ variation – for the purpose of NFT art and collectibles – as the only way of copyrighting digital art.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which is a fancy mechanism for uniquely identifying digital art and its copies as it is being purchased with ‘digital‘ or ‘crypto‘-currency.

And thus we notice that WORDS are the conveyers of CONCEPTS and speak to our CONSCIOUS MINDS, requesting explanations for meaning.

In contrast, IMAGES are PERCEIVED by our EYES and speak to our less conscious mind, attracting associations for interpretations.

May your eyes and mind ENJOY what you see, read and comprehend! Here are the first few banners that I use to announce my work on OpenSea, the market place for NFT players and digital art collectors.

1: Pyramids of Decimal and “Digital” Numbers
2: Pyramids of “Last Digit Series”
3: Single “Last Digit Patterns”
4:Composite “Last Digit Patterns”
5: “Digital Prime Diagonals”
6: “Diagonal Sums” of Odd and Even Summands


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