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A “double Helix” from my first prototype “3D TimeData”

It all began in November 1996 when I translated an article about Prime Numbers from a German magazine by Dr. Peter Plichta, a chemist who had published a book about “God’s Secret Formula” as his solution to the prime number challenge. That’s when I began to review number systems and re-think visualisations. A former colleague from CERN helped me make the transition from Fortran to Visual Basic and “3D TimeData” was born: my first prototype on an IBM ThinkPad.

But I got too confused between designing and coding and was glad when I came across a young geek who admirably coded what we called “Visual Data Intelligence”. The most impressive functionality was the forecasting of this modulated sine wave. One professor said “This is the most important work since relativity theory”… Another one gave me an office. But nothing succeeded in terms of ‘worldly success’. I just kept listening to my inner voice and followed it.

The curve on the left is the original.
The one on the right is ‘projected’.

Focus on Prime Numbers re-emerged when I began to ‘think slowly’ – with colour pens and graph paper. They provided the ‘templates’ for spreadsheets as ‘visualisation matrices’.

However, thanks to my nephew and my cousin I also received great books to spur on my thinking. After all, I do need to compare and contrast my outside the box thinking with what is inside institutional boxes:

The blogs that I had already published:

  1. 3D Metrics – Software for Seeing what you Want to Know [Feb 2008 – 1,435 followers]
  2. My 3D Metric Universe [Feb 2011 1,372 followers]
  3. 3D – Re-Presenting 3D Realities and Measuring on 2D Screens [Oct 2012 – 1,931 followers]
  4. Innovative ‘3D Metrics’ through Thinking, Programming and Viewing [Oct 2012 – 1,225 followers]

And here’s my package of four sites from code to cosmos:

0. Black Toolboxes – for Private and Public Web Services
I. Odyssey 3000 – Towards a Millennium of ‘Cyber Sciences’
II. Cosmic Numbers – The Key to Light and Life
III. The Photonic Ocean of Light – about ‘3D’ and ‘Cyber Physics’ to measure phenomena at quantum and cosmic scales

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