#MathematicalArt as #DigitalAssets

Spreadsheets without explanations have become ‘digital icons’ on Open Sea where you can find my first Collections of Pyramids:

  1. Digital Pyramids
  2. Last Digit Significance
  3. Single Last Digit Patterns
  4. Composite Last Digit Patterns
  5. Digital Prime Diagonals

The Open Sea platform is a fascinating example how ‘digital thinking’ has influenced money markets in favour of creativity and art. It is based on the invention of NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) as the ‘digital equivalent’ of original art.

Because they use highly secure blockchain technology, NFTs serve as a kind of Copyright. But they also serve as a ‘financial product’, i.e. they are being traded and exchanged for other ‘crypto‘ or conventional currencies.

Conventional currencies are ‘fiat money’ from thin air – sold at interest – as the fundamental scam of capitalism. But the White Knights seem to be winning behind the scenes! It’s all part of these exciting digitally (r)evolutionary times…

NEXT: Prime Patterns with Prime Numbers

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