#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

What is Creative?

1. Mathematical Innovations (Theory)

  • The “Digito-Decimal” or “Digital” definition of Decimal Numbers opens up new arithmetical possibilities.
  • The distinction between “Last” and “Leading” Digits is critical in terms of “numerical dimensions” and ”Orders of Magnitude”.
  • The liberation of Number from the Number Line into “Symmetrical Number Planes” is the first step to matching symmetries of quantum mechanics for modelling 3D realities.

2. Digital Implications (Practice)

  • The cell of a spreadsheet for Number offers functionality that is far superior to paper:
    • as count across rows or columns
    • as horizontal or vertical axis label
    • as ‘player’ (summand or factor)
    • as result (sum or product)
    • as ‘quantum’ of a ‘visualisation unit’
    • or ‘quantifier’ of ‘measuring units’ .

3. Smart Visualisations (Technology)

  • Spreadsheet cells or ‘visualisation units’
    • are positioned as a result of arithmetical calculations
    • can be formatted for visual differentiation
    • can reveal geo-metric shapes and patterns.
  • Diagonal Sums” visualise the ‘multi-additional’ aspect of a sum of many possible summands.
  • Orthogonal Products” visualise the ‘single-value’ result of a product as distinct ‘positional value’.
  • The “Ortho-Diagonal Nature of Digital Sums” visualises ratios of numbers hitherto not seen.

In summary, the appearance of Prime Numbers in many numerical contexts is a demonstration of:-

  • the different characteristics of sums and products
  • the effects of shapes as visual contexts for numbers
  • the use of spreadsheets as a ‘canvas with functionality’.
The Visual Juxtaposition of Fourfold Symmetries:
LEFT: “Vertical Right ↔ Left” versus RIGHT: “Horizontal Above ↕ Below”
into the MIDDLE unification: “Vertical + Horizontal = Orthogonal” versus “Horizontal : Vertical = Diagonal”

NEXT: Prime Patterns for Prime Numbers


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