1: WORKBOOK – Six Pyramids of Decimal and “Digital” Numbers


This workbook served to produce six IMAGE files from its six worksheets. The worksheets illustrate the effect of the Pyramid shape on counting Decimal Numbers – not along the classical Number Line.


Cells in a spreadsheet are like pixels on a screen: individual ‘visualisation units’. However,  our eyes always perceive both: the detail and the whole, whereas our mind ‘conceives’ or ‘understands’.

These six Pyramids are the first stops on a long journey of discoveries and new or renewed thinking – as a basis of PERCEIVING new visualisations:

Decimal Pyramids” comprise five collections of patterns:

  1. Digital Numbers” – six sheets
  2. Last Digit Series” – seven sheets
  3. Single Last Digit Patterns” – seven sheets
  4. Composite Last Digit Patterns” – thirteen sheets
  5. Digital Prime Diagonals” – ten sheets

This workbook is the first one:


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