2: WORKBOOK – Seven “Last Digit Series”


“Digital Numbers” are characterised by their composition of “Leading” and “Last” Digits.

These “Last Digit Series” illustrate the individual function of odd digits that contribute to the Prime Number problem: 1 3 5 7 9.


This workbook was used to create the seven image files of Collection 2: “Last Digit Series”.

“Last Digits” are the critical complement to “Leading Digits” that, together, make up “Digital Numbers”.

The odd Last Digits 1 3 7 9 are the indicators of possible Prime Numbers. Within the system of Decimal Numbers, each digit plays its unique functional role in counts, additions and multiplications.

The patterns are published in:-

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  1. Sabine Kurjo McNeill

    I just discovered a mistake in worksheet 7 in this workbook 2: cell G22 was 1 and should be 6. Sorry. Here’s the corrected version.

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