#PrimeNumbers in #AmazingColourPatterns

WANTED: Partners

With this site I am opening a ‘digital market stall’.

With my account at Open Sea I open a ‘digital gallery’ that supposedly ‘protects’ the #AmazingColourPatterns that have emerged from my “Digital Numbers“. Here are my first collections to which I shall add as I progress with my ‘digital fingers’.

  1. Digital Pyramids
  2. Last Digit Significance

But what I really want is to let the whole world know that my understanding of the overlap between maths and IT opens lots of opportunities for:

  • educating children about Numbers in a new way
    • through real and digital number games based on my “Digital Number Patterns”
    • numerical pathways and numerically significant 3D structures in “mathematical gardens”
    • about numbers as counters, quantifiers and results of operations
  • training young adults about IT by working with Number Patterns
    • about spreadsheets as ‘visualisation technologies’
    • to write spreadsheet macros to improve, automate and build on my visualisations:
      • lookup tables for primes, non-primes and semiprimes
      • formatting choices to distinguish between different types of numbers
      • formatting checks
  • professional developers
    • build software that
      • models physical, chemical and biological processes – independent of scale
    • build data processing software that
      • re-visualises images from any telescope or microscope
      • layers multi-dimensional data along a ‘visual z-axis’
      • overlays short-, medium- and long-term trends in time series.

Proof of concept screenshots are on various blogs already:

Please contact me on sabine.kurjo.mcneill@protonmail.com


2 responses to “WANTED: Partners”

  1. yosoyelponienteMarion Garces avatar

    Greetings, have been working on number patterns also, doing spreadsheets to show the patterns in two different ways. My numbers are not the primes, though I’ve read Peter Plitchta’s books and find much of them fascinating; my numbers are the solfeggfio tones, and are based on the same number groups as Marko Rodin’s. Been doing this for some time and have 100+ pages of connections these numbers have to dozens of subjects.


    1. Sabine Kurjo McNeill avatar

      How most fascinating! WELL DONE!!!

      Let’s face it: in the end the Prime Number problem disappears in the chasm between maths and physics. But numbers remain in their purity. That’s why I love Tesla’s quote which I put on https://primenumbers.store/community/


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